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Visual communication

Document Holder

From clipboard to poster

  • For working, workflow and design plans
  • Frame and holder in various sizes
  • Clamping function enables users to change documents rapidly
  • Available with protective panel if required

Notice Holders A4, magnetic

  • Protects documents from soiling
  • Magnetic frame holds documents in place, even in draughts
  • Available in four different colours
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Document Holder 8 A4

Document Holder 8 A3

Document Holder 8 Frame A4

Document Holder 8 Frame A3

Document Holder 8 Support Profile, natural

Delivery unit
1 pce., length 3000 mm

Document Holder 8 Lid Profile, natural

Delivery unit
cut-off max. 3000 mm
Delivery unit
1 pce., length 3000 mm

Document Holder 8 Cap Set

Document Holder 8 Leaf Spring, stainless

Retaining Cord D3, clear

Delivery unit
cut-off max. 10 m
Delivery unit
1 roll, length 10 m

Countersunk Screw, self-threading DIN 7982 St 3.9x9.5, TX15, stainless

Notice Holder A4, magnetic, grey

Notice Holder A4, magnetic, yellow

Notice Holder A4, magnetic, green

Notice Holder A4, magnetic, red