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New products 2021/I (spring)

Work Bench System
More power! Electrically height-adjustable item Table Column Sets E HD can easily handle heavy loads and lift up to one metric ton.
More independence! Hydraulic Lift Module 8 120x120 HF lifts containers and workpieces weighing up to 100 kg without the need for any electrical power.
More clarity! The new item Sign Frames in three standard sizes identify storage areas, improve navigation and can be mounted in many different ways.
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Table Column Set 2 E HD ESD 230V

Table Column Set 4 E HD ESD 230V

Lift Module 70x70 GH

Lift Module 8 120x120 HF

Cantilever Foot 8 160x60 790x90

Table-Top Support 8 520x100

Assembly Set, LED Light Fitting E

Connecting Cable, LED Machine Light Fitting, 0.2 m, black

Sign Frame A5, grey

Sign Frame A5, red

Sign Frame A5, yellow

Sign Frame A5, green

Sign Frame A4, grey

Sign Frame A4, red

Sign Frame A4, yellow

Sign Frame A4, green

Sign Frame A4 ESD, black

Sign Frame A3, grey

Sign Frame A3, red

Sign Frame A3, yellow

Sign Frame A3, green

Sign Frame Holder 8, rotating ESD, black

Sign Frame Holder 8, rotating, grey

Sign Hook for Mesh Panels, transparent

Screw Hook 8 M4x20

Sign Hanger, transparent

Sign Corner Fastener, transparent

C-Hook 2x60x10, bright zinc-plated

Chain 1.8x12

Delivery unit
1 roll, length 25 m
Delivery unit
cut-off ± 200 mm, min. 3m, max. 25m

Castor Support 8 D80, white aluminium, similar to RAL 9006

Motor Extension Cable HD, 1.2m, black

Test Lead Holder 8, grey similar to RAL 7042

Test Lead Holder 8 ESD, black similar to RAL 9005