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New products 2019/I (spring)

Work Bench System
Input efficiently! The new Keyboard Shelf 8 can be slotted into a horizontal Line 8 groove or installed as a Pull-Out Keyboard Shelf under the table top. An elastic wrist support relieves strain on the arms. There is plenty of space for both keyboard and mouse on the wide surface.
Work efficiently! A large tool with a wide handle can be securely held in Screwdriver Holder 8 D20-D44. The gap at the front makes it easy to remove screwdrivers or files from the holder. The Screwdriver Holder clips into a Line 8 groove with no need for any screw fixings.
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Keyboard Shelf 8

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1 pce.

Pull-Out Keyboard Shelf

Screwdriver Holder 8 D20-D44, grey similar to RAL 7042

Screwdriver Holder 8 D20-D44, black similar to RAL 9005