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New products 2016/II (autumn)

Automation System

More drive! Ready-to-install Linear Unit LRE 8 D10 80x40 ZS K light uses a rack drive made of high-strength plastic. Thanks to its low dead weight and outstanding safety for vertical motion, it is ideal for lifting applications involving medium loads. The carriage runs on a high-strength Double-Bearing Unit and hardened steel Shafts.
More weight savings! You can use Rack 8 Segment 80 K to build customised Linear Units with a rack drive in any length. Made from high-strength plastic, the elements are simply slotted into a Line 8 groove one after another and interlock with each other. The rack is safely concealed in the groove of a Profile 8 and exhibits high rigidity and low coefficients of friction.
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Rack 8 Segment 80 K, black

Rack 8 End Section K, black