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Low-cost automation – the mechanical solution

Low-cost automation (LCA) relieves strain on workers and boosts productivity without requiring complex control systems or drives. For example, by connecting together processes with a little skill, you can combine loading and unloading procedures. Karakuri applications speed up workflows and minimise tiring manual labour by lifting crates for workers.
Let gravity do the work for you! Low-cost automation uses lever principles and integrates moving profiles into frames. Profile Tube System D30 makes applications like these particularly easy to achieve.
Low-cost automation with the Lean Production Building Kit System uses a small number of components to deliver a clear improvement in manual activities. Several processes in assembly and intralogistics operations benefit from this approach. When combined with item roller conveyors, complete shooter solutions can be built that release and accept containers as soon as the transport trolley arrives in the correct position.
Karakuri applications from Profile Tube System D30 can also be combined easily with the ergonomic item Work Bench System. This means, for example, that work benches can be kitted out with picking procedures that involve the user actuating a lever to lift a transport container to an optimum ergonomic reaching height.
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Plain Bearing D40/D30-50 ESD

Plain Bearing Sleeve D40/D30 ESD, black similar to RAL 9005

Plain Bearing D40/D30-50 ESD with anti-torsion feature

Plain Bearing Sleeve D40/D30 ESD with anti-torsion feature, black similar to RAL 9005

Locking Ring D30

Delivery unit
1 set

Telescope Clamp D40/D30

Plain Bearing Sleeve D30/D20 ESD, black similar to RAL 9005

Cable Pulley Wheel D42/D6-12

Synthetic Fibre Cable D3, grey similar to RAL 7042

Steel Cable D3 sheathed, transparent

Delivery unit
1 roll length 100 m

Thimble D12/D3, bright zinc-plated

Ferrule D3-11, bright

Ferrule Crimper D3

Delivery unit
1 pce.

Ring Bolt D10 M6x45

Cable End Link D12-34, bright zinc-plated

Wire Cable Clamp D3 M4x10, bright zinc-plated

Spacer Bushing D17/D8-15, bright zinc-plated

Spacer Bushing D17/D6-5, bright zinc-plated

Extension spring 1.25x12.7x121, stainless

Release Unit D30 Actuator Ramp 120-38

Release Unit D30 Actuator Ramp 120-61

Release Unit D30 Bar T1

Release Unit D30 Actuator Roller D40-60 side contact

Release Unit D30 Spring-loaded Reset Device

Roller D39.5-25

Delivery unit
1 set