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Line 10 profiles

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Line 10 – strong M10 thread and profile grooves with exceptional carrying capacity. Improved profile cross-section for optimised use of materials – reinforced Profiles E and heavy-duty standard Profiles 10.
Line 10 combines the advantages of the popular Line 8 (modular dimension: 40 mm) with the high load-carrying capacity of Line 12 (modular dimension: 60 mm). The M10 thread diameter delivers strong tightening torques for profile fastenings and the strong groove flanks allow this increased strength to be utilised to the full. This improved carrying capacity is also reflected in the fasteners – all fastening sets consist entirely of high-performance steels, so that pre-tensioning is always available in full. Experience the new Line 10 for yourself – profiles and fasteners, floor elements, fastenings for panels and a whole array of attachments. Fully compatible with all MB system elements, including those from other Lines.

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Line 10 construction profiles

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Line 10 flat cross-sections

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